Tom Cruise in “The Mummy”! Super fun Horror

An ancient Egyptian princess buried in the safest desert possible is discovered and later awakens to express her sleep. She later exposes her hostility on the new generation causing destruction and death to the humankind. The movie stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Javier Botet, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, and Chasty Ballesteros in movie The Mummy (2017).

The Mummy 2017 - Tom cruise Movie

Director Alex Kurtzman’s horror movie stars the Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise in what is to be the searing horror in 2017. The project of the robot kind of Mummy film started in 2012 and the Mummy franchise now gets a new genre completely raising bars from the usual Mummy movies.A couple of directors, including Len Wiseman and Andres Muschietti have had to work on the film, which is the first installment of the Universal Monsters Shared Universe. Alex Kurtzman joined the movie as a director and was pretty impressed by the Mission Impossible actress (Sofia Boutella). He had to admit that she is the perfect catch to deliver the action that The Mummy movie intends to show.

Writers Christopher McQuarrie and Jon Spaihts worked on this first film hoping to return for the coming powerful installments Sofia Boutella stars as princess Ahmanet and her character is viable in every move. She trusts her character being neat in the robot, action, and adventure movie. The story builds up from the traditional Egypt, where a princess is denied her rights to the throne.

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As she is empowered by the anger, she forces destruction to the modern people in another world. The new franchise could take a leap from the theatrically Mummy moves directed by Stephen Sommers. The Egyptian methodologies which include goddesses and princesses could also build a milestone for the new mummy movie.

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The Mummy will be Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe’s first collaboration. Tom stared alongside Sofia Boutella in Mission Impossible (Kingsman: The Secret Service). The film was filmed in the UK, Surrey, and ended in London. It is set to be released on June 9, 2017 by Universal Pictures. Producer Chris Morgan seems to have a bunch of plans for the Universal franchise emphasizing that the new mode of Mummy is a just perfect to kick off in the best action.

Tom Cruise at The Mummy premiere in Sydney

Author: Mr Gupta