Fifty shades of erotica: Specify the way how the sex in literature shown in the main stream

Fifty shades of erotica: Specify the way how the sex in literature shown in the main stream

EL James’s Fifty Shades trilogy is the movie at the sensation.  This movie contains the mainstreaming of the erotic literature. There are large numbers of the parodies. This contains the large numbers of the evidence that can influence all the pop culture.  In the fifty shades, this has brought the large level of sexuality in the general.

What is the history of Erotica?

Erotica has the large and varied history. This is based on the ancient Indian book of love and sex called Kama Sutra. If we considered the western context, the history of the erotica has been spate from the pornography and obscenity. This is novel that is known for the total opposition of the clerical and conventional authority.

The uses of humor

What has been discussed in terms of the fifty shades Trilogy, it was just the humor. Humor is the contemporary erotica that has been largely untouched. The main objective of the erotica is the titillating. Whatever the way you choose, sex is always funny.  The way we do, depict and seek it.  But the one thing was that we cannot laugh at the sex.  What the body does, everything was so embarrassing.

Fifty Shades is comical but intentionally, it is not comical. This can only stick to the intentional humor. In the fifty shades of grey, emails are exchanged between the fated couple named Anastasia and Christian. Both are playful, teasing and witty

Email helps the character to communicate with the different desires, needs and personalities. They are more open to the person. This had offered the Anastasia, a new space in order to demonstrate the sexual agency.  But the emails exist in abundance, they can have the playful intellectual exchange.

There is having the letter writing element that has added the under-appreciated sexual dimension. This specifies the counterweight to the conflict that was happening surround. There was Anastasia’s requirement for the tenderness and mutuality and Christian’s requirement is for the dominance and sadism.

Victorian literature gets an erotic makeover

Anastasia is comparing herself to the innocent character Tess and Christian are comparing himself to the rakish Alec. These are the renowned characters from the Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles (1891). This is actually the fifty shades of the Grey references; the Victorians are more fashionable as in the erotic literature.

Nineteen century of the woman is usually encountered with the older and wealthier woman. They have been given the erotic make over’s. Fifty shades of the grey have also been inspired by this, this movie will explicit the sexual content.  They will get the Titles named Pride and Penetration and Jane Erotica. In this, Jane is showed to be sexually curious bisexual. While the Charlotte Bronte’s will fall into the dark and the mysterious Rochester. Humor will add the lighten both topics called Victorians and sex.

Queer erotica

Jane Eyre Laid Bare has been involved in the queer sex. The main aim of the novel is the straight female relationship. Queer people involve the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans gender and other people that have the diverse sexualities and genders. Queer humor is actually the technique for the survival and defiance.  The fifty shades involve the several genres include the dinosaur erotica.  This is the actually the storyline that is simple and spoofs that main character.

Pregnancy announced

There has been the pregnancy announced in the latest news who read the final installment of the .L. James’ erotic trilogy. This was published in 2012. The trailer involves the numbers of the notorious wild sex scenes, a marriage ceremony. There are large numbers of the opponents that oppose these wild sex scenes.  There was the female architect that has been designed with the mega-mansion. Anastasia will tell to the architect not to ignore her, she had called herself as Mrs. Grey. The major portion of the fifty shades freed will focus on the Ana and Christian. When they are not doing the sex, they will be at the Christian’s red room. Ana will find out that she is pregnant.

This movie will be open 5 days before the valentine day.

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