The Fifty Shades Trilogy: This is What’s Stands Out as we wait for the final Installment

The Fifty Shades Trilogy: This is What’s Stands Out as we wait for the final Installment

Regardless of being E. L. James’ fan, you may have been captivated by Fifty Shades film series adaptation. For those who aren’t novel readers, movies must be the hobby and you never missed out on these erotic and captivating Fifty Shades installments. The three Fifty Shades installments have opened the eyes of many individuals to what love means and how deep love can go. 

With time, the fifty shades installments have been creatively filmed, but certain attributes like graphics, music, style, and genre have remained compact. The first installment had its own director (Sam Taylor-Johnson) with Kelly Marcel as the screenwriter. Later on, we witness a new project team as James Foley and Niall Leonard became the director and screenwriter respectively.

The novels and the film series happen to consist generally similar content, though there are various novel readers who single out various scenes that aren’t included in the film series. Generally, the Fifty Shades film series is perfect in its own genre as portrayed.

For the record, the scene in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) where Ana and Christian board a private jet, which was a perfect surprise for her, we hear a song “Love Me Like You Do”, an original song by Ellie Goulding, is one of the breathtaking scenes among the two installments. It was just….indescribable and it was worth every glance. I must say that this installment generated a perfect foundation for the series though the nudity and the scenes never appealed to all the film fans. However, the rest of the scenes are magical and a true description of how love must flow in a relationship.

Moving on to the second installment “Fifty Shades Darker (2017)”, there were various thrilling moments such as those during the fireworks, restaurant conversation, the scene where Christian works out, among others. There was nothing daunting as Christian’s ex-partners returned to threaten what our young couple had gathered from the past pieces.

The Fifty Shades has received various nominations and managed to receive various awards that specifically went out to Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, and the writers.

Currently, the last and final installment of Fifty Shades “Fifty Shades Freed (2018)” is just around the corner, scheduled to be released this Valentine’s season just like the previous installments. The installment returns with the original cast, but it is a romance, luxury, and ingenious packed film. The power couple is depicted taking their entire romance to a new level after walking down the aisle. Some of the clips from the trailer are awesome, such as the beach scenes, wedding scenes, among others.

The greatest news…. Mrs. Grey is pregnant!, but she is depicted possessing a new approach to every matter. The upcoming installment features various tracks from various Hollywood artists and the album is scheduled to be released this month. Singers like Rita Ora and Liam Payne seem to have enjoyed their studio collaboration as they both released short videos of their duet “For You” via their twitter platforms.

The spices in this upcoming installment are triggering various positive reactions on what to exactly expect from the film. The trailer somehow shows frightening scenes such as those when Ana speeds over several vehicles and the return of her ex-boss, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) with the main aim of vengeance. On that, Christian’s ex-lover Elona Lincoln (Kim Basinger) also manages to pull her deadly trick on the new couple as she desires to shed their happiness away. Hopefully, Mr. And Mrs. Grewy can make it through the rough and the thin.

How will the next valentine’s seasons be?

The Fifty Shades film series captured many lovers’ minds come the annual valentine’s day. The producers managed to derive a powerful concept of releasing the installment a few days to the lovers’ day. This served as a great option for the movie fans. Now that the climax of the Fifty Shades is here, we wonder how the next valentine days will be like.

Check out the various trailers and teasers of Fifty Shades Freed before it finally lands in cinemas.

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