Fifty Shades: What is the Trilogy all about?

Fifty Shades: What is the Trilogy all about?

Fifty Shades is an adaptation of E. L. James novels, that are obviously some of the bestselling novels worldwide. The British author was left in awe a few years after the novel trilogy was released as numerous distribution companies expressed their genuine interest in the novels. These companies include Sony, Warner Bros, Paramount, Mark Wahlberg’s production company, and Universal Studios. Among all, Universal Pictures alongside Focus Features won the bid and acquired rights to James’ trilogy. It was confirmed that the two companies won the bid at 5 million US dollars.

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Novel Series)

Basically, E.L. James’ trilogy is a series of erotic novels that first hit the bookstores in 2011. She explained that she began writing the Fifty Shades trilogy after completing the Twilight Saga. Her books increased her popularity and topped the best seller’s list, earning over 95 million US dollars. With this, E. L. James topped the Forbes’ list as the highest grossing author in August 2013.

Mainly, her novel series that include; Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed, that were published respectively. The genre of the novels acquired mixed reactions with many ridiculing the first novel. Much less, this didn’t stop many from falling for the novels and once the film adaptation was announced, that sparked off various critics

Fifty Shades Trilogy (Film Series)

The film series of Fifty Shades portrays a consuming love bond between a young couple and the tale majorly includes content from the original novels. Having acquired the trilogy rights, Universal Studios embarked on the project beginning its principal photography in December 2013.

  • Plot

The tale of Fifty Shades centers on Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) characters with different personalities. Having had an abusive and haunting childhood, Christian grew up to have different sexual desires (BDSM, “Being a dominant”). He never believed in love and all he knew was to have sex with multiple women. His gentleness, calm appearance, early wealth were a center of attraction to the public, but deep down within him, he had a dark side.

After a persuasive agreement, Anastasia meets Christian Grey on behalf of her roommate, Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford). Ana is left speechless upon meeting the young entrepreneur and from there, the two begin an erotic, and dangerous relationship.

This is the first installment of the trilogy and it illustrates how Ana and Christian met. The naive and unworldly Ana believes that she wants Christian despite his enigmatic advice. When Christian realizes that Ana is a virgin, he is willing to hold onto her.

The second installment continues with the couple’s ups and downs as this time around, the dark past of Christian threatens their love. In it, Christian continues with his luxurious surprises, but the couple’s relation progresses on his terms.

It is the third and final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. It involves many surprises as the couple finally weds and Ana breaks the breathtaking news of being pregnant

Fifty Shades Record

It is and was always one of the most anticipated films come each year’s Valentine season. The film is believed to portray the genuine love that hovers above every constraint. The series has always secured the February month as it’s release period, providing a remarkable taste for the lovers.

Despite several critics, the trilogy has earned millions worldwide with a total of 952 million US dollars.

What does Fifty Shades Mean?

Various questions emerged on the internet regarding the actual meaning of Fifty Shades, particularly Fifty Shades of Grey. In simple terms, the author explained fifty shades as a portrayal of the various traits of Christian’s character. E. L. James also went ahead to confirm that the idea of the series was generated from the Vampire series (Twilight). The author expressed shock when her novels topped the charts as the bestsellers To date, the fan fiction series is a fan’s favorite and not mainly of the sex scenes, but the intriguing relationship between Ana and Christian Grey

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