The Latest From Fifty Shades Trilogy

The Latest From Fifty Shades Trilogy

The third and last installment of Fifty Shades titled “Fifty Shades Freed” drops in February and it is currently one of the most anticipated films of the year 2018. With a whole new mystery, and love infused by the director, the climax of the Fifty Shades trilogy promises nothing less.

The latest trailer, posters and teasers are a reflection of what the erotic installment holds for the lovers. In this trailer, Ana and Grey are shown enjoying their luxurious wedding surrounded by family and friends. The climax is directed by James Foley and written by Niall Leonard (screenplay), who happens to be E. L. James’ husband.

The original cast led by Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), Eloise Mumford (Kate Kavanagh), Kim Basinger, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, and Callum Keith Rennie returns in this romance packed installment

The whole new episode reveals shocking scenes as Ana is portrayed having a new rare character. She is currently more dedicated to her role as Mrs. Grey and knows where her role lies. The trailer also opens to the fact that Ana finally became pregnant, something that Christian wasn’t initially interested in. Could this weird couple finally build a family and forget their ego and dark past?

On 3rd Wednesday, starring actress Rita Ora, who plays Mia Grey, a sister to Christian Grey dropped a clip “For You” that is to premiere alongside other Fifty Shades Freed songs on Friday. Rita Ora collaborated with Liam Payne to release the dance track.

About Release date:

Fifty Shades Freed is scheduled to be released on 8th and 9th in a majority of the countries, whereas 16 February marks the last release date for the romantic film. The film introduces new actors such as Brant Daugherty.

Well, it seems that no lover will be left bored come this year’s lovers’ season since the final installment of Fifty Shades will be in theaters.

How Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan played it in the Fifty Shades Trilogy

The roles of the leading stars Dakota and Jamie require a nerve for excellent performance. Initially, a queue of actors and actresses were selected to portray as Ana and Christian. These include; Theo James, Ryan Gosling, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Luke Bracey to star as Christian and for the role of Ana, Elizabeth Olsen, Alicia Vikander, Felicity Jones, among others were considered.

In September 2013, Dakota Johnson was cast as Ana and Charlie Hunnam as Christian. This led to many negative responses as fans expected a different actor other than Charlie Hunnam to star as Christian. To calm the air, Brunetti explained how the role of Christian and Ana required more than just looks, physic, but also chemistry and dedication to the roles were expected.

With that, Dakota, who happens to hold a crown for Miss Golden Globe (2006) and Jamie Dornan took over the roles. However, the first installment of Fifty Shades (Fifty Shades of Grey) received certain critics for lacking actual chemistry.

With the following installment, Fifty Shades Darker attained a favorable reception, from the chemistry, romance, and graphics. Jamie Dornan also explained that he took several hours working out in order to attain the desired physical appearance for the second and third installment.

Among the suggestions demanded that Christian’s role would be better in case Dornan grew a beard, something that the director opted.

Directors and Screenwriters

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson was selected as the suitable director for the first Fifty Shades installment, whereas Kelly Marcel was the screenwriter. A major change was witnessed as Niall Leonard, E. L. James’ husband was announced as the screenwriter for the second Fifty Shades installment and he also returned for the third installment. James Foley became the director of Fifty Shades second and third installment

Fifty Shades film Series & Novels

The Fifty Shades novel series were an explosion in worldwide bookshelves and E. L. James received many praises as well as critics. Generally, more than one hundred and twenty million copies were sold worldwide, which saw become one of the best grossing authors

With the Fifty Shades film series, the installments have received various critics regarding the erotic sex scenes and the BDSM concept, but this has not limited the film’s fan base.

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