Born in China (2016)
Born in China (2016)

A story of three animal families is brought to you by Disneynature and Chuan Films. “Born in China” reveals the adventures in China’s rare beauty. In it, a doting Panda bear mother happens to take care of her growing baby as she starts to mature into an adult. There is another two-year-old golden monkey that feels lost and lastly a mother snow leopard that is finding it difficult to raise her two cubs.
It is a documentary movie that we have hardly seen in decades. This movie cannot be compared to our common movies as it is one of its kinds. It is a documentary and as well as a movie that can be enjoyed by a family.
This movie is in two languages, for example, Chinese and English since the original work is made by both America and China. The graphics are beautiful and the views are hardly depicted in any other movies.
One thing that makes this documentary a hard work is the snow leopard that is captured a hundred times. It is difficult to film animals and more especially snow leopards since they are rare and tough.
The documentary is narrated by John Krasinski in English and Xun Zhou in Chinese and directed by Chuan Lu. The movie is rumored to have taken years to get filmed because of the different scenes of animals that were considered disturbing. The film was then edited to get the three stories as planned.
This is the current documentary to be released and above of all with combined hands of Americans and Chinese. Documentaries are believed to be hard work and with this one, it deserves to applaud for its marvelous efforts seen.

IMDB: /10

Born in China (2016)


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