Rosemary & Thyme Season 2 Episode 7

Laura is shocked to hear from a news report that Rosemary has been shot dead whilst investigating a problem of dying plants at Engleton Park.

Denying the fact that Rosemary would start a job without her, Laura puts it upon herself to tell Rosemary’s mother Barbara what has happened, only to find Rosemary herself staying there.

The three women go to see the body apparently belonging to Rosemary Boxer but find it is actually a female archaeologist called Gemma Jackson, who studied at he same university as Rosemary.

Deciding to use the problem of the dying plants at Engleton Park as a cover to find out what has been going on, Rosemary and Laura discover not all things are as they appear to be…

Episode Title: Swords Into Ploughshares

Air Date: 2004-11-12